An opportunity to experience our wonderful sport in a beautiful competitive show.

An opportunity to meet and know other people, other places, other realities.


The Sports Association    PORTAMORTARA BASEBALL &SOFTBALL , is pleased to invite you to the 

4°  Tournament  DOUBLE DIAMOND

reserved for the category :

RAGAZZI  baseball –  born in 2010-2011-2012-2013, (two players year 2009 are allowed provided they are not lined-up in the role of pitcher, catcher or shortstop)

RAGAZZE  softball –  born in 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013  . (two players year 2008  are allowed provided they are not lined-up in the role of pitcher, catcher or shortstop).

The Tournament will be held from 16 July 2022  to the day July 17, 2022


The tournament will start in the morning of  16 th July with the welcome to the teams and the technical meetings and will finish in the afternoon of Sunday, July 17 th, at the

end of the awards ceremony.

Only athletes from the categories  RAGAZZI and RAGAZZE, with valid medical certificate, federal card and personal identification document will be allowed to play.

Lending from other teams are allowed in unlimited number, subject to the written approval of the lending company, to be delivered to the organizing committee.

The Regulation is based on that of the championship RAGAZZI / RAGAZZE and particular rules, specific of the tournament, will be announced after registration.



Our sports facility boasts three playing fields, within a large green area near the center of Novara.

The catering area will also always be open for athletes and all the people accompanying them.

Participating teams will be provided with an area to be set up with their own tents.

The maximum number of athletes, coaches and managers is set at 15 per team.


Hospitality for umpires and / or classifiers

For those available to cooperate with the organization to umpire or classify the games in the calendar,  will be made available  all the meals, with the same procedures provided for athletes and carers.


Hospitality for parents and other carers

In the area That will host athletes, we have a green area where guests can get their tents. Outside of the sport center, there is a supermarket with a large parking area.

The area will be available for campers.

The catering service will provide meals at very low cost to all carers and family members, for all the duration of the tournament.


Participation fees

The fee is set at € 120 per team (max 15 people) and € 20 for athletes, and includes accommodation, meals and breakfast. From lunch and dinner on Saturday to breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Travel expenses will be borne by each team.

Each team must provide a box of regular balls for the BOYS / GIRLS categories, to be delivered before the start of the tournament.

Please inform us not later than June 9, 2022 your interest in participating, specifying the name of the teams.

On the basis of the received pre-applications and available places, the sports association of Porta Mortara will decide the list of teams invited to the 4st Tournament

If you are interested to participate in our tournament, you can notify us by writing to the following e-mail:

cell. 3472406154

Porta Mortara Baseball Softball a.s.d.

Via Spreafico 44, 28100 Novara- Italy

Tel e Fax 0321 433055 – cell 335 5438842


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